Monday, September 7, 2009

BORING . . .

I think I've discovered I'm a pretty boring person!  Not really knowing anyone here, Sarah and I don't really do much during the day while the boys are at school, except watch Elmo, do flash cards, read, and I Facebook while she's sleeping or watching Elmo.  We don't go out much during the week.  It's kind of frustrating not being able to communicate with anyone when we DO leave, so sometimes it's just easier to stay home.  We go out everyday to pick up the boys from school, but other than that, we don't do much during the week. 

Starting tomorrow, I'll be working in Jason's class every Tuesday morning grading math papers.  (Luckily she's giving me the answer sheet)!  And this Wednesday is the first PSO Meeting, so I know I'll be going out tomorrow and Wednesday for sure.  Thursday night is Elementary School Back To School Night.  I'll probably be out more this week, than I have since we've been here! 

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