Monday, September 21, 2009


We got a package from home today from Mom and Dad.  We were all so excited, even Ryan came out to see what was in it!  We got Skittles, and microwave popcorn, and fruit chews, and rice krispy treats, and granola bars.  Oh, and Christmas earrings for Sarah Beth!  And our router from home.  The kids have already dug into everything!  It's funny how when you're away from home, it's the little things that become so important and bring so much joy.  And I do mean joy.  The kids were ecstatic!  They've already eaten a bag of Skittles, and they're talking about what they're going to take to school tomorrow for snack.

I got a letter from home last week, and I was thrilled to get something besides a bill or an ad that I can't even read because it's in Chinese!  The WHOLE THING was in English!  Even just the small connections to home make the days so much brighter.  

I've been able to access Facebook most days, and almost every day I've been talking to my friend from college, Sandy.  You know, we used to text each other all of the time and we'd pick up the phone and call every once in awhile.  But now we talk to each other almost everyday, which we never did when I was at home.  How funny is that?  Thousands of miles apart, and NOW we talk to each other every day.  Man, we have this backwards!

Anyway, thanks for the package Mom and Dad, we all loved it.   And we'll think about you every time we fix a bag of popcorn or eat a granola bar.  We love you!

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