Saturday, September 12, 2009


Today we took the kids to the Wild Animal Park in Shanghai.  We had a really great time.  We saw lots of different animals that we don't get to see at home, and also some that we do get to see at home.

We saw a baby tiger, and the boys got their picture taken with him.  We tried to get Sarah Beth to have her picture taken with him, but she was TERRIFIED!  I guess she only likes the animals if they're far away.  While she was looking at him, she was thrilled, but didn't want to get to close.  She only likes them if they're behind glass or behind a fence.

The kids had their pictures taken while riding some animals.  And an ostrich tried to eat Ryan's hat!  We saw Panda bears, but it was hard to get good pictures because they were behind glass.  We also saw a Liger, which is a cross between a Lion and Tiger.  It has the face of a lion, minus the mane, and the body of a tiger.  According to what we read, there are only about 8-10 in the world, and 2 of them are at the Wild Animal Park!  I didn't even know they existed.  They are man made, of course.  And the males are sterile, but the females can have a baby, although I think it said they can only have one.  So it's possible to have a Lion-Liger or a Tiger-Liger.  It was pretty cool actually, to see something I'd never seen before, or even HEARD of!

All in all, it was good day.  The kids can't wait to go back and take Poppy and Nanny or Grandpa with us. 

Jason and Andrew riding camels.

They both look so happy!

Andrew's having fun!

Jason and the camel.

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