Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Since I've been posting Jason's blog, I asked Andrew's teacher to send home something that he's written at school so that I can post something from him as well. Keep in mind I am posting this with all of his misspellings and grammar. Good luck!

One day when me and brather were haveing contest to see who could make the best tents. Then are frinds carter and haliy told us to go in the hall to see who won! first Carter said it was a tie. so then we made one more thing they cecht are ohter one then we went went in the hall agen and then we herd fanil results. I HAVE WON! we herd thunder go boom boom then we saw a flash of lightning and then it sarted to rain. faster faster faster then it got wers then then the TV went out and a few minites later ... the INTERNET went out we were all so scard so my mom told Carter do you think yer mom would ever spec to me agen if I let somethig hapen to you and then my brother yaeh the last time there was tornodo when she was 3 wo wy sould there be one now then carter and Haliy left and a little bit letter the sorm stoped but the werdist is that my sister slept thre the hole storm.

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