Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The boys have been in school for 3 1/2 weeks now.  And they're both doing really well.  Andrew's teacher said he's doing a lot better.  At first he wasn't paying attention during group talks, but then she assigned rug spaces, and his is right in front of her.  He's doing a lot better now.  She said he participates a lot in large group and he makes really funny comments that add to the class' personality.  THAT part didn't surprise me.  He's always full of funny comments and anecdotes.  But what IS funny to me is that she is seeing a side of him at school, that we haven't seen much of.  Andrew is VERY good at math.  He has loved numbers since he was very little.  (He gets that from his dad).  And he also loves to read.  But writing is something I've always thought was his weakest subject.  Evidently not.  She said his writing is amazing, and she can't wait for me to see what he's written.  How funny is that?  I would have never thought that in a million years.  She said at school he loves to write, and she has to make him stop and turn in his paper when they're finished.  He just wants to keep on writing.  That's so weird to me.  I can't wait to read what he's written.  I'll post it on here when he brings it home.  

Jason is doing well too.  He has A LOT of homework every night.  Most nights it's because he doesn't focus really well so it takes him longer than it should.  But even still, it's more homework than he's ever had before.  His teacher told me he is doing really well and she sees him improving in class every day, so that's good.  He likes his teachers.  He has quite a few, but his homeroom teacher is the one he has the most.  He said he likes her because she's funny, she tells good stories, and she knows how to keep class interesting.  I guess that says a lot coming from a 10 year old!  I didn't think anything could keep his attention except Wii and Playstation!  One of the things he has to do every week is keep a blog for school based on his reading.  I thought I'd post them every week so you can see what he's reading and what he's thinking.  Which may, or may not, be a good thing!

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