Wednesday, September 2, 2009

HOME . . .

Okay, so I've been thinking about some of the things I miss about home; besides the people, of course!

I miss going to O'Connell's with my Dad and shopping with my Mom. I miss my daily talks with Laura. I'd forgotten how much I depend on them! I miss not having anyone to gossip with. Karen, I haven't found one of you over here yet! I miss not being able to make plans for Homecoming. By now we would have already had our room booked and the kids would have been asking me how much longer until they get to see Jessica and Austin. And I would have been looking forward to hanging out at the pool with Sandy, drinking beer, and talking about everyone that stood us up! (Just Kidding)!

I miss not being able to text anyone. And for those of you that really know me, you know how much I LOVE to text!!! I miss Once Upon A Child and all of the Consignment Sales that are going on right about now. I miss the yard sales. I miss turning on the TV and understanding what they're saying! I miss the PTA meetings that should take about 45 minutes but instead take 2 hours because we're all so busy talking and laughing at each other. I miss being able to get in the shower and have it be hot within 2 minutes instead of 10. I miss sitting out on the front porch watching the kids playing outside. I miss being able to get into my car and go wherever I want to, whenever I want to.

But most of all, I miss my family and my friends. I hope you're all doing well. And I REALLY hope you won't forget about me while I'm gone!!!!!!

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