Friday, June 4, 2010


Have you guys ever heard of a Traffic Light party?  Jason's friend is having a going away party today.  I heard the boys saying that it's NOT going to be a Traffic Light Party.  I asked them what a Traffic Light Party is.  If you are "in" a relationship, you wear red.  If you are "sort of" in a relationship, you wear yellow.  If you are NOT in a relationship you wear green.  I told them that was crazy talk, they are too young to "be" in a relationship.  Jason said, "Hey, we're in Middle School now, it's what happens!"  OMG!  Are you kidding me?!  Can I just lock him in a closet now?  No one will call Social Services on me for that right?!

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MEKremer said...

I'm glad I don't have to relive those years, I will just enjoy hearing about them from you. Mom