Monday, June 7, 2010


Eleven years ago today we were blessed with a beautiful baby boy. 

On September 5th, 1998, my wonderful grandmother passed away.  She was an amazing person, and she meant the world to me.  She still does.  By October 5th, I was pregnant with Jason.  I was convinced then, and still believe now, that she is the reason I was pregnant THEN, after trying for almost a year.  I remember sitting in the car one day talking to my dad about it.  I told him I thought Grandma was the reason I was pregnant.  He said God had a lot to do with it.  I told him, "You know how persuasive your mom could be.  I guarantee she got up there and said, 'My granddaughter wants a baby, and you'd better give her one!"  I guess he knew better than to argue with a pregnant woman!

I called the baby Sarah the whole time I was pregnant, because I KNEW he was a girl.  About 1 week before he was born, I had a dream he was a boy.  And we still didn't have a boys name picked out.  So I told Ryan we had to decide on a boys name, just in case.  We decided on Jason Thomas.  You see, Thomas was my Grandmother's maiden name, so I wanted Jason to be named after her.  And he was.  She will ALWAYS be a part of him.

I went in early on the 7th to be induced.  My BP was very high, so they decided to take him early.  After being at the hospital all day, he finally decided to make his appearance.  When he came out, Ryan said, "It's a boy!"  I said, "Uh Uh!"  He was right!  

Everyone in the waiting room was waiting for Ryan to come out and tell them the baby was a girl.  When he finally went out to see everyone he told them we had a beautiful baby boy.  But they all thought he was teasing them.  Except for my dad.  He starting calling all of their friends to tell them.  My mom told him not to call yet because he was going to have to call them back and tell them HE was a SHE.  My dad said, "Ryan might joke about a lot of things, but I guarantee he's not joking about this."  We have the video from when they all came in the room to see him, and you can hear everyone saying, "He has a blue cap on, he really is a boy!"  Too funny!

Now that beautiful baby boy is 11 years old.  Where does the time go?  My mom calls him precious.  And he is.  He's an amazing big brother.  He's very caring and loving.  He's smart and sensitive.  He's unbelievable when it comes to building things.  His mind is always going a mile a minute trying to figure out his latest "invention."  He loves to draw and he loves to write.  

This year has been an unbelievable year for him.  He has grown up in so many ways.  He has more confidence than he's ever had before.  He came to a new country, where he doesn't speak the language, and he's adjusted so well.  He's made lots of new friends.  He's been in the school play and Concordia Idol.  He's taken Drama, Art, Band, Health, PE and Religion, on top of the Math, Science and Language Arts.  This year has been the hardest school year he's ever had, and he still has all A's and B's.  (Thank goodness he gets his brains from his father)! 

Eleven years ago today, God gave us the most precious gift that would change our lives FOREVER. He has been a blessing to us from the day he was born. From helping Nanny's heart beat again, to flirting with the girls at age 2, to becoming an amazing big brother. I thank God EVERY DAY that I have such a wonderful, caring, compassionate and loving little boy. Happy Birthday Jason. I am SO proud of you!


MEKremer said...

That is how I feel about you. I think when we have kids we get a glimps of God's love. We are so imperfect, how much more is his love for us. Love Mom

Amy said...

Happy Birthday to Jason!