Sunday, June 6, 2010


One thing about living here that is different at home, is friendships.  When you meet people here, it's a different kind of relationship.  You tend to get closer faster than you do at home.  Because you don't have a choice.  At home, I have friends that I love and adore.  So when I meet new people, I don't "need" them.  But coming here, you have no one.  You're starting from scratch.  I've met people here that I know I'll be friends with forever.  You latch on to each other.  And you don't spend time on people that you don't connect with right away.  I know that sounds "snobby", but it's really not.  It's just that when you meet friends here, you know they're not going to be here forever.  You know YOU'RE not going to be here forever.  So you find the ones that are the most like you, or that compliment your differences, and those are the ones you're drawn to.  You open up to people here faster.  Because you HAVE to have someone to talk to, and you've left all your confidants back in the States.  

When we go back home, I'll now have friends in China, Idaho, Chicago, Boston, Georgia.  I have friends from the US, Singapore, Colombia and China.  My horizons have been broadened.  I know now that there is more out there than just my zip code.  And my life will be all the better for it.

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Amy said...

What a blessing. You can never have too many friends!