Sunday, June 13, 2010


Tigers are found in the northern part of Asia and others are found in the southeren part of Asia.

The tigers jaws help them chew their prey.  Each tiger has stripes on their back to tell that that's a different tiger.  The tiger limbs help them run fast.  The tigers claws help them cut stuff.

My Home.  Tigers live in two places.  1.  tigers live in the wild and 2.  they live in caves  Tigers usilly stay in caves because hunters could come and try to kill them.  But they do live in the wild when it's winter time. Because not many come out in the winter because it is going to be to cold for them to hunt

Yummy Yum Yum.  Tigers are carnivores so they only eat meat tigers eat animals such as deer, monkeys, Leopards, and bears and soon Tigers chew it's prey insted of eating it in one bite.

All About me.  Tigers are fast animals.  They run at the daytime and sleep at night.  Tigers use there arms and legs to move.  Tigers have to run because they need to cath their food.  Don't get a tiger angry because it won't take long for the tiger to get you.

Grrr!  Tigers behavior is not good.  Their behavior is very wild.  It's hard for another kinds of animals to cumunicate with tigers like monkeys, deers, Lions and lots of other animals. But it's easy for one tiger to talk with a other tiger.  Tigers play wildly like atacking one and another tiger.  Tigers uslly talk by Growling or somtimes they mak big or really big roars.

Silent Silent Atack!  The tigers stragie for hunting is that they try to make themselves silent they don't have much preditors ecsept for people and being fast helps the tigers hunt

Wach out!  The tigers preditor is people they hunt for tigers because of their fur.  Tigers ecscape by running really fast.  But sometimes they will attack the people. 

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