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Jason had to write a story for school.  His teacher took the stories and turned them into books.  Here's his book:

About this book:
Jason Bruner was born in Louisville, Kentucky his entire life until he recently moved to China.  He loves to read and enjoys writing stories.

I got this diary last year for my birthday and have never written in it.  I have decided to start now.  I am a mole that can hardly see.  I am ten and my name is Seth.  If a mole is reading this than you may be a Talpa Europaea like me.

April 6, 
Today was the first day of Mole school.  My teacher Mrs, Mole is very nice.  She gave us Mole candy.  Some of the moles in my class made fun of me because I can't see.  But I think they're just Hypocrites.  

April 20,
Today I made my first pair of glasses.  Now I can see.  But how did we end up in the ground, and when did I turn black?

May 10,
Today I saw some humans with jelly beans and decided to scare them.  I walked up to them and they ran off, leaving behind the jelly beans.  Dinner!

May 25,
Today we moved into our new home.  It's a lot bigger than our old house.  It has four rooms: one for me, one for mom and dad, one for Sarah, and one extra Our new house is Grand.

June 12,
Today is my birthday.  I am eleven years old.  My dad took me to the pet store and said I could get whatever I wanted.  I got a mouse and named him Jim.  Welcome to the family Jim!

July 18,
Jim peed on dad today.  Dad was raging and chased him all around the house.  Too bad he didn't have glasses because he kept running into things.  Jim has to sleep with me now.

July 24, 
Today are school was destroyed by a human.  He crushed it down to the ground.  Actually, I didn't really care because that means there will be no school for a week.  It's a good thing it was destroyed today.  I had a project that I didn't do.

August 10,
Today was the great rat race.  Mom and dad took us for Sarah's birthday.  It was awesome.  We got Mole candy and dirt popcorn to eat and mud to drink.  They even let us bet on rats.  Sarah chose #5 Jerry.  I chose #11 Jake.  Our rats tied for first place.  We each got $800.  Today was astonishing!

September 6,
Tomorrow is the last day of school.  We are supposed to bring a dessert for our party.  Mom and I are going to make dirt cake covered with worm icing.  What a luscious choice.

September 28,
Today mom made me get a haircut and it wasn't pretty.  I guess they didn't understand her right, because now I'm bald.  It's a good thing schools over or I would have been bewildered.

October 31,
Today was Halloween.  We got to go to the underground neighborhood to Trick or Treat.  Sarah stayed herself but I think she's a despicable, hairy monster.  I dressed up as a naked mole rat.  We went around the whole neighborhood and got a ton of candy.  I tried to eat it all but I got a stomach ache.  No more.

November 10,
Today was moms birthday.  We took her to see the movie "The Mole, The Rat and The Bird"  After the movie we went to the store and asked mom what she wanted.  As usual she said "What could I want more than to spend my birthday with my family."  Oh well I guess I'll have to give her more jelly beans.

December 25,
Today is Christmas.  We got all kinds of toys and candy.  We got to see our Grandma and Grandpa and our cousins.  This was the most premium Christmas ever.

January 1, 
Happy New Year!  Today is the beginning of a brand new year.  The whole neighborhood had a big party with Mole candy, dirt cakes, roasted scorpions and small cooked lizards.  We got to see our family and friends.  This is going to be a good year.

About this book:

Seth got a diary on his last birthday and is starting to record is life.  Listen as he eats jelly beans, gets $800 and a pet mouse.  Follow Seth through his wonderful life.

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