Sunday, March 25, 2012

Final Four . . . .

If you follow basketball, you know that the University of Louisville is heading to New Orleans for the Final Four.  You also likely know there is a VERY  good chance that they will be facing the University of Kentucky in that game.  (We are a split household - I'm a Kentucky fan, and hubby is a Louisville fan). When Louisville won last night, hubby and his friends decided they HAD to be there. So they booked a room.  $1600 for 3 nights.  That's A LOT of money for a hotel room.  Granted, it's in the French Quarter, and it's Final Four, and we're not the only ones paying for it, but it's still A LOT of money for 3 nights in a hotel. 

He wants me to go.  And if Kentucky wins today, I'd LIKE to go.  But we have 3 kids.  And that would mean 5 days away from them.  5 days my parents would have to watch them.  5 days of them feeling like NCAA Basketball is more important to us than they are.  And that's not fair to them, and it's DEFINITELY not true. 

So I'm thinking, whether UK wins today or not, this might end up being a guys trip.  I can watch the game at the local sports pub, WITH my kids, my dad, and some of his closest friends, and still be able to cheer my Cats on to victory, even if that means doing it from Louisville instead of New Orleans.

Remember what life was like before having kids?  I wouldn't trade my kids for anything, but life was definitely less complicated then.  It would have been so easy to just go away for 5 days and not even give it a 2nd thought.

What would you do?

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Amy said...

Why would they think basketball is more important than they are? I'd say mommy and daddy need time alone too. And they'd get to have a great time with who? grandma and grandpa? They'd get spoiled and have their own mini-vacation too.

I'd go! Go and have a great time!