Tuesday, February 1, 2011


If you're familiar with migraines, I'm sorry.  I've had them my whole life.  My mom said I was about 3 when I first came to her and told her I had a headache.  When I was little I used to describe them as feeling like I had a pencil running through my head.  That's actually a pretty good description of how they feel most of the time. 

But the last few days I've felt like I have THIS

wrapped around THIS

And I've looked/felt like THIS

So you might want to stay out of my way.

About 6ish years ago they started getting really bad.  I went to my family doctor, 2 neurologists, and an allergist.  None of them could help me.  I had 2 CT Scans, 2 MRI's and I don't even know what other kinds of tests.  They couldn't find the cause of the problem.  The only thing they COULD tell me is that I've had them for so long, and they've been so intense, that they've caused scar tissue on the left side of my brain.  Nice huh?!  Anyway, after years of being on lots of different medicines, I just decided it wasn't worth taking them if they weren't going to work, so I stopped taking them all and stopped going to the doctors. 

I eventually went to a chiropractor, because I was all out of options.  FINALLY I started seeing some relief.  Thank You Dr. Troy!  I kept going to him until we moved to China in 2009.  But then we moved.  And I stopped going.  And of course they came back. But we were in China, and I didn't trust anyone there.  And then by the time we got back he had left the practice he was at in order to start his own practice.  And it's not going to open until March.

In 35+ years of migraines, I've NEVER gotten sick from them.  NEVER.  Until yesterday.  Yesterday I did.  And it was VERY scary.  What was also scary is that it's very different from what I'm used to.  If you get migraines, you know what they're like.  Yes, they're very intense.  But they're usually the same all the time.  In the same place, or around the same place.  This one isn't.  And that's scary.  And usually when they're really intense I can take some medicine and it takes the edge off.  But not yesterday.  So that's why I knew I needed to call and beg for mercy!  When I walked in he asked me how I felt and I told him my TEETH hurt.  That's how bad it was.   So he gave me an adjustment.  He said I have some pretty big knots on my right side.  My teeth don't hurt anymore, but I've been dizzy all day.  (More dizzy than normal).  But hopefully after a few adjustments they'll go away again.

In the meantime, if you see me and I look like THIS

Please don't take it personally, and please don't hold it against me!


Amy said...

I sure hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

I know that pain. Mine got worse after I had my second daughter and haven't given up. I had 7 migraines in 11 days last month. The worst was 4 days straight with no relief. FInally the docs put me on Amerge which helps some of the time but not without the percocet too. I go see a specialist on the 22nd and I am praying that she will have some answers. I am tired of missing out on life because my head feels like it is going to blow off. I'm glad that you found a way to have some relief.