Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I haven't been able to take pictures because my camera died.  I'm tired of buying expensive, (expensive for ME anyway), cameras and having them die within a year.  The one I just bought today is a Kodak and it was under $90, shipping, batteries and battery charger, and SD card included.  Plus it's 14MP.  I figure if they're going to die every year anyway, then I might as well just get a cheap one.  So that's what I did.  

I needed a new camera because I plan on getting A TON of new listings, and of course I need to be able to take pictures of them with something other than my video camera or my cell phone!  My video camera takes good movies, but the pictures are pretty grainy.  I figure with this having 14MP it should be a lot better.  Plus, like I said, if it's going to die anyway, then I might as well not spend a lot on it. 

Once it comes in I'll start taking some pictures of the kids and posting them on here.  They're getting so big.  I can't believe Jason will be 12 this summer.  How'd that happen?!

Anyway, I hope my new camera is a good one.  It had pretty good reviews on Walmart.com, so that's a good sign. 


Amy said...

I love my little kodak cameras. Mine died recently too. I'm getting ready to get a new one soon. I looked at several new kodaks yesterday at the big warehouse store I'm a member of.

Good luck on getting lots of listings!

Stephanie Faris said...

I have an iPhone 4 and I'll be the first to say the camera on it isn't all that great. Even my old 5 megapixel camera takes better pictures. I need a new one but I just can't justify the expense right now since I don't take all that many photos.