Sunday, February 6, 2011


I did make a FEW of my goals this week, so I guess that's better than last week!

TO LOSE WEIGHT: I told you I gained 1 lb last week.  THIS week I LOST 1 1/2 lbs, so now I'm down 11 1/2 total.  I sure wish the next 11 lbs would come off as fast as the first 11!  :(  Oh well.  I only exercised once this week, so I need to up that for next week.  Of course, that's what I said LAST week!  But I did have a MAJOR migraine last week.  For 5 days.  It pretty much sucked.  I know that's not a real excuse, but it's the only one I have today!  Also, I didn't drink my water.  So I need to do that as well.  So far, I'm not doing too hot in sticking to this goal.  I need to get much better.

TO BE MORE ORGANIZED:  I've still been using my calendar, but I'm not NEAR as organized with things as I should be.  If I had my Semonin and Thirty-One stuff more organized, it would be easier to keep up with things.  I've started organizing my stuff, and I plan on finishing up the organizing this week.  I don't think I'll EVER be organized around the house, but oh well.  Baby steps, Michelle.  Baby steps!

TO WRITE MORE:  This is my 4th post for this week, so that's good.  My goal for next week is 4 posts as well.  I think that's a good number.  That's about every other day.  Some people I know write every single day, but I don't think I'm there yet.  So I'll stick with 4 posts a week for awhile.  I made it this week.  Let's see if I can do it 2 weeks in a row!

TO DO BETTER IN MY BUSINESS:  Real Estate:  I told you last week that I signed up for 4 Service Desk time slots for the month of February.  I have 2 of those this week.  One tomorrow, and one on Wednesday.  I also have my "goal" meeting with my Broker on Friday.  I'll let you know what happens next week. I also told you I ordered some pens.  I'm REALLY glad I asked to see a proof, because they put the wrong logo on there!  They had the 31 logo on both sets of pens.  The 2nd proof they sent me was right, so they should be shipped this week or next week.  I expect they will come later than the 31 pens since they took longer to get right, but I could be wrong.  I'll let you know when they get here.  And I'll be passing them out everywhere I go!

Thirty-One:  I told you the pens haven't come in yet, but I'm hoping they'll be here this week.  I am also going to do a giveaway on a site that promotes WAHM.  I'm actually doing 2 different things.  One is a lifetime "membership" promotion for $5.  The other is a giveaway.  I agree to give away an item, and then she promotes it on about 20-25 sites that she owns or works on.  Not a bad deal.  So I am going to work on that this week to get that started.  I also ordered a few other things off VistaPrint.  Gotta LOVE VistaPrint.  If you're not familiar with it, you should check it out.  You can get some pretty good deals on promotional items there.  I ordered my old business cards, which I didn't like, and my NEW business cards, which I LOVE.  Anyone that knows me well knows that Butterflies are my "thing."  So I decided to go with a butterfly "theme."  Let me know what you think.  
This is the front: 
 And this is the back:
I REALLY like them!  I also ordered some postcards, notepads, thank you cards, and a few other things that were either FREE (my favorite word), or on special.  And they've all got the same "theme", which is kind of cool.

Well, I guess that's it for this week.  I'll update you again next week.


Amy said...

Sounds like you had a good week goal wise. So sorry about the migraine!

Good luck next week

Stephanie Faris said...

Love them!!! Butterflies are so beautiful and symbolic of freedom.

Mrs. Wayne said...

Mich - you are welcome to join the group if you want to. Parenting is parenting, step or not.