Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I went to Nanbeihu for my field trip.  We left on Monday morning, and came back Wednesday evening.  It took us about 4 hours to get there, because we stopped to eat lunch on the way.  I had a roommate.  His name is Daniel.  We had our own room in a hotel.  We were allowed to visit our other friends hotel rooms for a little while everyday.  We usually played card games.  Some of the activities we did during our field trip were:  

Trust Fall - every person grabbed arms with another person and we all stood next to each other while one person was standing on the platform and fell into our arms.  I did this, and they said I did very well because I fell straight back and trusted everyone. 

Trust Lean - everybody made a circle while one person stood in the middle and crossed their arms and closed their eyes.  Everyone else put out their hands, and the person in the middle would lean to each side and the person on the outside would push them back in.  You had to trust that they would catch you and push you back in.  

Blind Crossing - You laid out 3 hula hoops in a special design while another person had a blind fold over their eyes.  The person without the blind fold would tell the other person what to do.  Example:  take 1 giant step forward; take 1 small step to the right.  The person with the blind fold had to follow the other persons directions to try to make it through the course without touching the hula hoops. 

Hike - My group and the blue group hiked together up the mountain that faced our campsite.  We climbed up for about 1/2 hour and finally reached the top.  When we got to the top, we could see the view of Lake Nanbeihu, which means North and South Lake.  Nan means North and Bei means South and Hu means lake.  During our walk we went through many thorns and bushes in our way.  We saw a statue of an ox and a goat with yellow eyes.  (It looked like a demon).  

Repelling - At Repelling there are big poles with pegs sticking out of them.  You were attached to a harness and you climbed up the pegs to reach the top.  Once you reached the top, the man up there tied you to more ropes to make you steady.  You held on to the rope and you kicked off from the platform and you would gently let go of the rope and let it slide through your hands.  That would make you slowly repel to the ground.  There was the Spider Web which was a giant net attached to poles and you had your harness and the ropes and the lady at the bottom held on to the rope and pulled on it to keep you steady.  When you got to the top there was a wooden pole.  You could choose to sit on it or come straight down.  I sat on it, but it was scary.

Leap Of Faith - You were attached to a harness and ropes and you climbed up another pole with pegs in it.  Once you reach the top there was a disk there and you had to reach your legs up and stand on the disk.  You had to slowly stand up and stay steady.  Once you stood up, there was a trapeze and you had to jump from the disk and try to catch the trapeze.  If you made it, the other people in your group would cheer.  And if you didn't make it, they might still cheer, but you would be in a giant swing.  I was really scared on this one.  I made it halfway.  One hand grabbed it, but then it slipped off.  

Kayaking - We all got our life jackets and our paddles and you could choose to be by yourself or with a friend.  I went with my friend Byron.  You would sit in your kayak and paddle as well as you could.  We learned how to turn it left and right, how to go forward, how to slow it down, and to go backward.  During Kayaking I got wet, but it was fun!

Rock Climbing - There was a big rock wall with little humps in it to make it harder to climb.  You were attached to a harness and ropes and you climbed on all of the plastic rocks to try to make it to the top.  If you were tired, you could tell them that you needed to take a rest and they would hold you up.  Once you made it to the top, you rang the bell and you would kick off the wall and repel down.  I made it to the top and rang the bell, but I had to take 2 rests, and I slipped off once.  

Bridge Crossing - There was one wire at the bottom, one at the top, and one on each side.  There was a hook attached to the top one which was attached to your harness.  You wore a helmet.  You would walk on the bottom wire and hold on to each of the side wires and cross the bridge.  (One girl slipped off and was hanging by her rope and harness).  Once you made it across, someone would detach the hook from the top and wrap it around you and hook it on your harness.  You would get back to the start by crossing the Spider Web that was over the water.  The net was very shaky and if you couldn't balance enough your foot would fall into the water.  Both of my legs got wet.  And 2 of my friends were shaking the net trying to knock me in the water, but I ended up knocking one of them in the water.

Archery - I saved the best for last.  My homeroom teacher taught Archery.  We would each take turns holding the bow, using enough force and trying to aim it at the board.  Ms. Alford showed us a few times, and she was great.  Some people missed the board and it shot out into the woods.  We had to go out and collect them.  Some people got on the board, but some didn't.  I did the best in my group.  I shot a 6 and a BULLSEYE!!!  This was one of my favorite activities on the trip.  Ms. Alford said she thought I did great for my first time.  I now want to take Archery lessons.  

That's all for the activities.  

We also had KFC for lunch one day.  It was VERY good!  For dinner the first night we had kabobs.  Daniel ate 42 of them!  Byron ate around 30.  And Matthew and I ate 13 each.  I guess we were hungry!

We had to go to bed at 9 pm every night and wake up was 6:30 every morning.  Breakfast was at 7.  Our hotel had 4 floors.  I was on the 3rd floor.  Between lunch and our last activity, we were allowed to visit other people's rooms.  My friends and I usually played cards.  

Our last night there we all had to come up with a skit and we shared them with the other groups.  Ours was one of the funniest.  Our group was Matthew, Byron, Daniel and me.  

I had a great time on my trip.  I hope that I'll be able to go back there again sometime and enjoy all of the activities. 

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