Monday, October 12, 2009


While the kids were on their break from school, we did a few things around Shanghai.  We were going to go to Hong Kong, but it was supposed to rain all weekend and we didn't want to spend the money to be stuck in a hotel all weekend!  So instead, we stayed here.  

You heard Andrew's account of the amusement park.  And there's NO WAY I can top that, so instead I just thought I'd post pictures of our day there.

These are some of the girls that wanted their picture taken with Andrew and Jason.  So we decided we'd take their picture too!

Here's another picture of them.

These are the swings that Andrew didn't get to ride on because he wasn't tall enough.  He was mad!

Andrew and Sarah were riding this panda bear that moved around in circles.  She wasn't that thrilled.  But Andrew enjoyed riding it with her.

This is the first ride Jason and Andrew rode.

This was at the entrance.  This little blue man is the symbol for the Shanghai Expo that's coming in May 2010.

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