Monday, October 19, 2009


Today was Andrew's Publishing Party at school.  They've been writing stories and proofreading them, and re-writing them.  It is supposed to be about a small moment.  So they took a main story, picked a theme from that story, and then elaborated on that "small moment."  This is Andrew's story:

Being Scared by Andrew Bruner

One day when we were at the wild animal park.  We were going to see the rinausorise.  and we saw a elephent it was big and strong and the elaphent was wearing close.  it was holding people by its trunk.  my brother was amazd.  first my brother Jason went on and he was haveing lots of fun when the elephent held him up.  he thout it was very fun himself  That was fun!! said Jason.  Then it was my turn to go.  I was scared about a lot of things I was thanking that he would drop me and he would squeeze me to hard and I would choke.  I said he would try to bite me but then my mom told me I shoudd go because I would never get to do it agen  "Andrew you should go because you will never get to do it agen."  and she was right.

I thout my brother and my dad thout I should go to.  So I went and the workers helped me up "if I am going to do this then I have to be a man" I said and when the elaphent held me up he dident squeeze me to tiyt the rest of his trunk was like a siet belt that held on not that tiyt and not to lose it was perfect there was a strap for me to hold on to he did'ent try to bite me and he did'ent drop me.  my sister thot it was funny "ha ha ha" she said.  I had a lot of fun just like my brother and I was very happy then the workers helped me down and when I came down I was happy!!  We were all happy that I went but I was the most and I thout my sister liked it right after me.

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