Sunday, October 4, 2009

HOT POT . . .

Tonight for dinner we had a Hot Pot.  For those of you not familiar with it, I'll tell you what to expect.  And for those of you coming to visit, trust me, we'll go there while you're here!

You sit down at a table with a big hole in the middle.  Then you order what you want.  We ordered lamb, lettuce, cabbage, mushrooms, potatoes, noodles, bean sprouts, and radishes.  We had half spicy, half not spicy.  They bring out this big bowl.  Inside the bowl they have lots of different herbs and spices.  Then they turn the table on, and you wait for the water to start boiling.  Once it starts boiling you gradually put the food in there.  You wait for it to cook, which doesn't take very long, then you pull it out and you eat it.  IT WAS AMAZING!!!  Everything we ate was incredible.  Even the mushrooms were good, and anyone that knows me well knows how much I despise mushrooms!  But with everything mixed together, it has an incredible flavor.   Ryan's been telling us that we needed to try it.  We're all really glad that we did!

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