Tuesday, October 6, 2009


When me and my faimmaly went to a amusment park we did lots of things.  first me and my brother went on a swing I was getting scared!  but when we got on it I really liked it and then my mom and my brother went on the octapus ride.  I liked seeing them go around and around then we walked around some more.  Then we saw a ride called the swinger.  Me and my brother were waiting for a long time then there was a man who take us to the tall chart and we fond out that my brother could ride it but I could'ent so I was mad.  Then when my brother was done we were going to ride the water raft ride but the line was to long so we walk around some more.  When we were done we went to the restroom then when we were going to leve we stopped and plyaed some games before my dad won my sister a bear and a sheep.  Then when me and my brother played I won my sister a racon and a cat.  My brother won her a dog cup holder.  Then after that we left. 

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Anonymous said...

Andrew, How come I could never win any prizes? Guess I don't have your throwing arm. I enjoyed reading about your day. Can't wait to hear more from you.
Aunt Loretta