Saturday, February 11, 2012


Yesterday we went down to Nolin for the Home Inspection and the Septic Inspection, and to meet with the Surveyors so they could show us the boundaries.  

The good news?  Nothing major on the Home Inspection that we didn't already know about except for a leak in the kitchen faucet.  Not really a big deal.  A few shingles missing on the roof, again, not really a big deal.  He said if we just add shingles, we probably have another 5-7 years of life left in it.  Works for me. 

Now for the bad news.  We originally thought we were partially on the lot above us, (Lot 31).  Not much, just the retaining wall and steps.  We also thought part of the driveway might be on the property below us, (Lot 35), and that the shed in the very back might be on her property as well.  After having the survey done, we know that the driveway and the shed are well on our property.  There's even about 1-2 feet extra, so that's good.  However, on the OTHER side, it's not just the retaining wall and the steps that are on their property.  Of course not, that would be too easy.  Nope, about 6 feet of the driveway, including the laundry room of the house, are on their property.  Nice huh?  Apparently the guy who owned it before it went into foreclosure pretty much did whatever he wanted to do, with no regard for anyone else.  He owned lots 31, 32, (which we are ALSO partially on), and lot 34, (our lot).  When he knew he was going into Foreclosure he sold off lots 31 and 32.  Now maybe he didn't KNOW he was SIGNIFICANTLY on those lots, but I really find that hard to believe.  I think he knew, and he just didn't care.  He just wanted his money out of them. 

And because it's a HUD Home, they don't really care either.  They just want it sold.  So now we have to decide if it's worth our time and money, to take care of all these issues.  

Fun, huh?

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Amy said...

Wow. That's a bit of a mess. Good luck in whatever you decide!