Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lake House Update . . .

So I told you we were on the adjoining properties.  I had been talking to the wife owner of one of the lots and she told me they'd work with me because they didn't want the liability and they wanted to get it taken care of.  She told me she'd talk to her husband to see how much they wanted for just that portion of the lot.  Well the husband called me back last night and told me they would sell us that portion of the lot for $8500!  Did I mention they only paid $2500 for THE ENTIRE LOT?!  He made it very clear that they weren't willing to budge on the price.  He made a few comments that led me to believe that they won't work with anyone EXCEPT the person they want to buy the house.  Nice huh?!  

I forgot to tell you that the last time we were down there we discovered that one of the neighbors tried to buy the house from the bank before it went to foreclosure.  They weren't able to get it, so now basically it seems like everyone down there is going to make it difficult for ANYONE EXCEPT the person that THEY want to buy the lot.  

So now we have to decide how to proceed.  We have contacted HUD to let them know the situation.  Since it's still in their name, we're hoping THEY can do something about it.  I REALLY want this property.  But I have a feeling the neighbors will try to make our lives difficult if we DO end up GETTING it.  


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