Thursday, July 7, 2011


I'm sure most of you have been following the Casey Anthony trial.  But even if you haven't, I'm sure you've heard about it.  I'm not a big news junkie, but even *I* have been following what's going on.  

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the case, she was accused and charged with killing her daughter and lying to the police.  She was acquitted of the murder, but found guilty of lying to the police.  And a lot of people have been really ticked off about that.  And they should be.  But instead of getting mad at the jury, I think we should take a closer look at the prosecution.  They didn't do their job.  Their job is to prove BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT, that she did it.  They didn't do that.  

Do I think she's guilty?  ABSOLUTELY!  But that's only my gut feeling, and my gut feeling is nowhere NEAR enough to justify putting her in prison for the rest of her life. There was way too much circumstantial evidence, and not enough HARD evidence to prove she did it.  (At least if there IS hard evidence, they didn't share it with the jury).  There are too many people that have served time based on circumstantial evidence and then because of DNA evidence, it's been proven that they didn't do it.  But those people served time for a crime they didn't commit.  And that's terrible. Our legal system is set up to protect the innocent.  I'd rather one guilty person be set free than for ten innocent people to be convicted.

Do I believe justice wasn’t served?  Yes. But it’s the prosecutors job to prove BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that she committed the murder.  And they didn’t do that.  That’s on them. 

I DO believe in a higher power, and I DO think she will get what’s coming to her in the end.  But for now, I will not buy any books or watch any movies that are made about her.  She doesn’t deserve to profit from any of this.  And while I can’t stop anyone else from doing it, you’d better believe *I* won’t do it.

That being said, I do feel for that little girl, and I do think she should be honored and remembered and I have no problems “leaving my porch light on”.  And I will THANK GOD every single day that it wasn’t one of MY children!


Shell said...

That whole beyond a shadow of a doubt thing is hard to get past. The proof has to be absolute- and that is hard to do. It's all so heartbreaking.

Amy said...

I think she did it. I think she'll eventually have to pay for what she did. I also don't see why this ONE case was so sensationalized. This happens to children every day across the country. If they're going to draw attention to it- let's do something about ALL the babies that are being mistreated and abused

Amy said...

Not that this child doesn't matter! I'm not saying that at all -

I'm just saying that every single other child that has been beaten and abused and murdered deserves the same attention

Karly said...

Well said, I agree 100%!

ShontaeB said...

She'll surely be judged and she'll have a lot of explaining to do. The case/verdict made me sick! I believe she's guilty. And I feel for the life that was taken because of such a selfish person. As far as making a profit, I, too, REFUSE to be a part of that nonsense.