Friday, June 24, 2011


Tomorrow is our neighborhood yard sale.  And I've been pulling junk out of the woodwork.  We have A LOT of junk.  There are 5 of us, so needless to say, we've collected a lot over the years.  And now we're trying to get rid of a lot of it.  I hope it sells.  Or at least some of it.  We're going to Kings Island next week for vacation, so we could use the extra money to spend while we're there.  Not to mention, I REALLY just want to get rid of this stuff.  I've already decided that whatever doesn't sell is going to Goodwill.  IT IS NOT COMING BACK IN MY HOUSE!!!

It's funny that some things seem so important when we buy them, but then for some reason we never use them.  Or we outgrow them.  Or we find something more useful.  Even after tomorrow, we'll still have a lot of stuff that we need to get rid of, but at least we're getting rid of some stuff now.  And the rest of the stuff?  Well, that'll be for NEXT year's yard sale!

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