Thursday, June 23, 2011


Something happened here last week that's really been bothering me.  And it's stirred up strong emotions on both sides of the subject.  

First, a little background.  One night last week, some young kids were playing Ding, Dong, Ditch.  If you're not familiar with that game, it's where a bunch of kids run up to a doorbell, ring it, and then run away.  I've had the prank played on me, and I'm sure we played it as kids.  I'm also pretty sure my kids have either played it or WILL play it!  

Here's the problem.  As I said, one day last week some kids were playing it in their neighborhood.  On their way up to one of the houses, they saw a man standing on his front porch with a shot gun, so they ran away.  While they were running, he fired at them and hit one of the boys.  He is 12 years old.  And he's been in the hospital ever since.  And he will have major issues for the rest of his life.  Now, I'm not saying what the kids did was right or wrong, but what that man did was ABSOLUTELY WRONG!  In what universe is it okay to aim a gun at a child; especially one that is running away from you?

There has been a lot of talk here about the kids doing something wrong and where were the parents.  And I get all that.  I'm not saying the kids are perfect.  But seriously?  Ding Dong Ditch makes it okay to aim a gun at a child?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!   Kids will be kids.  And they make stupid mistakes.  We all did when we were kids.  And I know my kids will too.  But don't EVER aim a gun at them.  If you have a problem with my children - call me.  Come see me.  But if you EVER aim a gun at MY child, don't be surprised to find me knocking on your door with my posse ready to kick some tail!


Amy said...

Some of my son's friends were out doing that kid thing- a man chased after them threatening them. A 15 year old went to jump a fence and caught his leg on the fence and it cut his femoral artery. He was dead within seconds. I realize you have to protect your property but some of these idiots are taking it too far. Someone ever shoots at one of my kids, they better hope I don't know who they are or where they live

Anonymous said...

How sick.

I hope the man that shot that child gets punished and punished hard. I hope he doesn't get off easy due to mental illness. Clearly the guy isn't mentally competent.

Good grief!

Shell said...

He shot a kid???? I hope that there are serious charges brought against him. That is ridiculous and crazy. And sad.