Friday, June 3, 2011


I had a closing this morning.  Yea me!  But in the midst of getting ready for the closing, I earned that infamous title.

I was upstairs getting ready and the boys were downstairs playing Playstation.  When I came downstairs I asked them where Sarah was and they told me she was upstairs.  But I had just come from up there, and she wasn't there.  We searched the whole house and we couldn't find her.  Then panic mode set in.  I ran outside looking for her.  I saw one of my neighbors, but she hadn't seen her.  Then I walked across the street to another neighbor's and she was inside playing with the little girl that lives there.  They thought I knew she was there.  Which of course, I didn't!  She just walked right out the front door and right across the street to Hailey's.  Needless to say, I've felt like a bad mom all day long.  When I think of what could have happened, the thought just terrifies me. 


Amy said...

Eh, it happens. When B was 4, he used to ride his bike down to the bus stop when the older boys got on the bus. One day, he didn't come right back home like usual. I FREAKED out. He was at the neighbors - who just loved her early morning visitor while her 3 were at school. It's how I met my neighbor (we had just moved in) and made a good friend.

Amy said...

How old is Sarah? You're not a bad mom. She should have told you she was leaving. The other family should have called to let you know she was there. You're at least 3rd down on the list of bad.

Melody said...

You kid is very independant :) You are NOT a bad mom. She's a social butterfly :)