Saturday, July 9, 2011


Today started off as any normal day.  Ryan has been taking off of work on Fridays while the kids are out of school since he has vacation days that he hasn't used.  We saw an article about a restaurant we wanted to check out, so we decided to go there for lunch and then we were going to see Green Lantern.  Before you question why *I* would want to see Green Lantern, check this out :

NEED I say more?!

But I digress.  As we were pulling off the interstate, his tires started squealing and we started talking about him needing to get them replaced.  Then, as we were driving down the road to lunch, he went to stop because the truck in front of us had stopped at a red light.  But our tires skidded on the wet pavement and we crashed right into the truck in front of us.  Our car went directly under his bumper.  There was absolutely NO damage to his truck, so he left.  Our car, on the other hand, didn't fare so well.  On the way back home the car started overheating because the radiator was busted. We took it to a repair shop and there is about $3800 worth of damage to it.  So Ryan will be driving a rental car for the next 1-2 weeks while it's in the shop getting fixed. 

After we left there we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch.  I wanted a couple of beers to help calm my nerves.  When I asked for the beer, she carded me!  Y'all, I'm 40 years old.  And while I don't look 60, I DEFINITELY look over 21!  Needless to say, Ryan thought it was pretty funny.  Maybe a little bit TOO funny.  But after the day I'd had, I need a little something to make me feel better!

But in the end, we're all okay, and things definitely could have been A LOT worse.  And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is WHY we pay for insurance!


Amy said...

I'm so glad no one was hurt. I would have needed a beer or two to handle that. I think they passed a new law here that they have to card you if you look under 40. Maybe that's the case for you too?

Amy said...

Glad you're ok!

I think it's great that you got carded.... You must look under 40 right? ; )

Stephanie Faris said...

EEEK. I hate car accidents...or car troubles in general. I know most days we get where we're going without incident but it always seems like things like this happen at the worst possible time!