Sunday, January 9, 2011


I make the same resolution EVERY YEAR, and EVERY YEAR I fail. But I might as well be consistent, right?! These are my New Years GOALS:

The one I make every year and fail on:

TO LOSE WEIGHT. I won't even tell you how much I need to lose. Right now, I've started Weight Watchers and the initial goal they gave me is 14 lbs. So we'll start with that. So far I've lost 5 of those 14 lbs. 9 more to go. Actually, about 9 MILLION more to go, but 9 more for my short term goal. Besides, 9 lbs sounds MUCH better than 9 million! :)

TO BE MORE ORGANIZED. Now, for those of you that know me, I have NEVER been organized. And I'm 40 years old. My guess is I'm not just going to wake up at 41 and TA DA, I'm organized! But, at least I can work at it. To help me get started, my bestie bought me a REALLY nice calendar as part of my Christmas present. I guess she has more faith in me than I do! Thanks Laura!

TO WRITE MORE. I LOVE writing. I've loved writing since I was very young. But I don't seem to make the time for it like I did when I was younger. Of course, that could be because I have 2 jobs, a husband and 3 VERY ACTIVE children. But hey, enough with making excuses. My new goal is going to be to write at least 4 days a week. Whether I write for 5 minutes or 50 minutes, I'm going to try to do it at least 4 times a week. I'm the most excited about this goal for 2 reasons. Number 1, it's definitely the most attainable of my goals. And Number 2, I always feel better after I've spent a little bit of time writing. So I think it's a good goal to have.

TO DO BETTER IN MY BUSINESS. I have 2 jobs. (Besides being a Mom of course)! I have been a Realtor for almost 17 years. Wow! Hard to believe it's been that long. And I LOVE that job. My problem is that I'm not as good as I could be. My mom has been a Realtor since I was about 8. And she's much better at it than me. My problem is, I'm not her. And I never will be. She's an AWESOME Realtor. Always has been, always will be. Now don't get me wrong, I'm very good at my job. ONCE I get a client. I know how to take care of them and make sure they get what they need, when they need it. But I have a hard time GETTING the clients. I have a hard time just walking up to someone and saying, "Hi, my name is Michelle and I want to be your Realtor. And let me tell you why I'm the best person for the job." I can't do that. I've NEVER been able to do that. And I doubt I'll EVER be able to do that. But I CAN do Service Desk and other things to hopefully help me get more clients. If you are thinking of moving, I can also help you find a Realtor where you live. You can find out more information HERE.

I just started my other job a few months ago to help bring in more money. I work for a company called Thirty One Gifts. And I LOVE the items they sell. But so far I've only had 2 parties, and I'm not going to make much money at it if I only have 1 party every other month! So my goal is to have at least 1 party a month. That's more than what I've done so far. But again, it's kind of the same problem I have with Real Estate. I have a hard time just going up to people and talking about what I do. I think that's more of a self esteem issue than anything. Actually I KNOW it's a self esteem issue. But, like I said before, I'm 40. I'm not just going to wake up at 41 and have loads of self esteem. It's not going to happen. So I need to figure out how to work around it. And that's why it's a goal I've set for myself for this year. On THAT note, you can find out more about Thirty One HERE. We have lots of items that will be "retiring" to make room for new items which will be available February 1. We are also having our Thermal Tote sale this month. Large Totes are on sale for $10 ($4 savings) and Small Totes are on sale for $8 ($4.50 savings). Plus, personalization on the Totes is only $1.50 which is a $4.50 savings.

So that's it. The big ones anyway. I think I'll keep updating how I'm doing with my goals throughout the year. Maybe if I make myself more accountable, it will be easier to stick to them.

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