Wednesday, January 27, 2010

BLAH . . .

I've been feeling very BLAH, (not sure that's really a word ;-) ), lately.  I can't explain it.  I just feel like I SHOULD be doing something, but I don't WANT to do anything.  I should have gone to school today.  Jason's play starts tomorrow and they did a "preview" for the school today.  I'm sure they needed help getting everyone in their places.  I SHOULD have gone, but I didn't.  I had a migraine, and honestly, I just didn't FEEL like it.  And now I'm feeling guilty for not going.  Nice huh?  

Ryan's out of town this week.  He left yesterday morning, and he'll be back Friday afternoon.  Jason had play practice until 8:30 on Monday and Tuesday.  Tomorrow, Friday and Saturday is the play.  He'll stay after school tomorrow and Friday.  The play is at 7 and lasts about 2 hours.  Which means it'll be 10ish before he gets home.  Saturday he has to be at school at 3:30 to start getting ready for the play. 

I guess with him being gone every night and Ryan being out of town, I'm feeling a little lost.  Or a lot lost.  I don't know.  I just don't feel like going anywhere or doing anything.  I went out yesterday and bought Andrew some shoes, which he desperately needed.  And I had a nice time.  But I decided to stay home today.  And maybe that's why I'm feeling so lousy today.  Maybe if I had went ahead and gone to school, migraine and all, I would have at least felt useful.  But I didn't.  Instead I stayed home.  And now I'm writing about my crappy day.  And it's cold and rainy outside, so that makes it even worse. 

I am SO ready for Spring.  At least when it warms up I'll be able to get out more without dreading the cold and the rain.  They say it gets warmer here earlier than at home.  Actually my friend was telling me that she was checking the average temperature in Shanghai.  Between January and February, the average high only changes by about 4 degrees celsius.  But between February and March, the average high changes by about 12 degrees celsius.  So I guess that means I just need to make it through February, right?

On a positive note, Ryan's Grandpa, Jack, is coming to visit us in two weeks.  Monday morning Jason and Andrew were getting ready for school.  Andrew told Jason that he hopes this week goes by as fast as last week because that means "it'll only be one more week until Grandpa comes!"  I guess he's excited about Grandpa coming.  We all are.  It gives us something to look forward to.


Amy said...

Yeah! It let me comment!

Hope the play goes well!

MEKremer said...

I've been feeling real blah too. I know what my problem is and it is not just the weather. I miss you all so much. i am anxious to see the video of Jason in his play. Mom