Saturday, January 23, 2010


I had a "freak out" moment yesterday where I just wanted to be home.  And it was SO silly. 

Okay, so here's the story.  Jason is in the play at school and they had practice yesterday from 9-5.  I was supposed to send lunch with him, but he stayed the night at his friends' house the night before, so his mom said she would take care of his lunch.  So about 11:00 I get a call from him asking me if I am bringing him his lunch.  I told him no that C's mom was taking care of it.  So he tells me that there were 2 sandwiches, but one was for C and one was for their other friend.  NOT for Jason.  So I tried calling the mom and couldn't get a hold of her.  Jason is telling me, "it's no big deal, I just won't eat lunch."  Yeah right! 

Ryan was meeting with some clients and I couldn't get a hold of him, and I had Andrew and Sarah here and it was cold outside.  So I fixed his lunch, grabbed a cab and took it to him, and then came right back.  Simple right?  So why did I totally freak out?  You tell me.  I think because I kept thinking if I was at home, I could have called Papa John's or some place and had his lunch delivered to him and paid for it over the phone.  Kind of hard to do that here when YOU DON'T SPEAK THE LANGUAGE!  Plus, paying over the phone is not very common here.  Weird huh?  We're so used to doing it at home, it's strange that it can't be done here.  Anyway, I could have also called my parents, and my dad would have taken him something.  Or my brother.  LOTS of options.  Here, I didn't have those options.  And it freaked me out.  And it stressed me out.  And I acted like a moron! 

NOT one of my finest moments!

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MEKremer said...

You sound like a mom to me. What is an Expat?