Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 2: Reading Lists . . .

Day 2:  What's On Your Reading List For 2014?
I LOVE to read, but I didn't make much time for it last year.  And I DEFINITELY miss it.  It calms me down.  Makes me feel better.  But just like the writing, I don't make time for it.  So I've already decided I'm going to do more reading this year.  I actually asked for Amazon Gift Cards so I can download books to my Kindle, (iPad), without feeling guilty about it.  I now have $70 in Amazon Credits!  :)  I mostly like murder mysteries and thrillers, so that's most of what I plan on reading.  But I'll throw a few others in there as well.  These are the ones I've downloaded so far, or PLAN on downloading. 

Divergent Series
Books 19 and 20 of the Stephanie Plum series (already read the first 18).
Last 2 books of the Alex Cross series (already read others)
Last 2 books of Women's Murder Mystery Club (see above)
Ender's Game
Cornbread Mafia
Bluegrass Conspiracy

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rmgales said...

I plan to spend more time with my Kindle too. I love true crimes, but found that I've downloaded quite a few romance books too. Nothing like a good book & your favorite drink to relax you.