Wednesday, October 3, 2012

More About Andrew . . .

I remembered some things I forgot to add about Andrew yesterday.  I told you he was asking about the end of the world.  But what I didn't tell you is that he only talked about it that one time.  That doesn't seem like a big deal, but NORMALLY, we would have talked about it on the way home.  We would have talked about it before going to bed that night, and cried about it, and probably not slept, because he was so worried about it.  And then we would have talked about it again the next morning before school, and probably after school as well.  But this time, we didn't.  We talked about it on the way home, and that's THE ONLY TIME we talked about it.  Now, that might not seem like a big deal to you, but to me, it's HUGE!  I'm hoping that's a good sign.  I'm TAKING it as a good sign.  *crossing fingers*

I also talked to his teacher again last week.  He asked me how Andrew was doing at home.  I told him he seems to be doing really well, and I told him about the "end of the world" discussion we had on the way home.  He couldn't believe he worries about those things.  Again, NOT typical 10 year old behavior!  We talked about him playing football at school and how much he enjoys it.  I told him he'll come home upset sometimes because he dropped the ball and I tell him it's not a big deal, people drop the ball all of the time.  I tell him that they pay the pros MILLIONS of dollars to catch the ball, and they still drop it on occasion.  If THEY drop the ball sometimes, what makes him think it's not okay for HIM to drop it?!  He said he's had the same conversations with him when it happens, but he liked my idea of comparing it to the pros, so he'll remember that the next time it happens.  

Andrew came home last week and told me he had good news, better news, and best news.  The good news is that he has an A in Math.  The better news is that he was the only one in the class that got 100% on a test.  The BEST news is that he caught a pass and made a touchdown.  Now, I'm not real sure I'm happy about the football being at the TOP of the list and school being at the BOTTOM of the list, but I am still glad to see him having so much fun and being proud of himself for a change.

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