Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Car Update . . .

FINALLY had the van looked at today, and yes, it is the transmission.  That's the bad news.  The GOOD news is that it's only going to cost $1700 to fix it.  I know that's a lot of money, but it's not as much as the cost of a new/used car!  Plus, the mechanic said the only time he ever sees my car is when it has a problem, and he doesn't see it that much.  Meaning, if we had a lot of problems with it, it probably wouldn't be worth it.  But since we don't, it might be worth it.  He said if it was him, he would have it fixed.  So, that's what we're doing.  And I'm glad.  Because I LOVE my van.  I don't want to give it up.  And I REALLY don't want a car payment! 

We won't get it back until next week, but at least we'll get it back!  :)   Of course that means we'll be going to Homecoming in Ryan's car, which is pretty small, but that's okay.  The kids will live.  

It's been a long and exhausting day, so I'm heading to bed.  Believe it or not, I can't think of anything to talk about!  :)  I know, so unlike me right?  I guess I really AM tired!  


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Amy said...

Glad you are able to get it fixed!