Sunday, October 14, 2012

He's Home!

Scott is FINALLY home!  YEA!  He was supposed to get home tonight, around 11:30, but he switched his flight, so he got home last night instead.  He didn't tell anyone but me and a friend of my parents.  He was hoping to surprise them at a party they were going to be at, but his flight got in late, so he ended up surprising them at home instead.  And yes, they WERE surprised.  And very happy to see him.  

He was gone for 4 weeks.  He lost 45 pounds and 6 inches in his waist and chest and 4 inches in his hips.  I wish *I* could lose 45 pounds!  I'm so proud of him though.  He obviously worked very hard while he was gone, and he plans on keeping it up now that he's home.  He has a target weight that he wants to get to.  Based on the information he learned while he was away, he figures it will take him about 62 weeks to get to where he wants to be, if he does the things he's supposed to do.  So that means that by next Christmas, he should be at his target weight.  I really hope he makes it. 

I was doing pretty well.  Or I guess I was just doing okay.  I've lost 13 pounds.  But I've been stuck.  I guess I need to start back on it tomorrow and get serious again.  It's just frustrating.  It feels like no matter what I do, nothing really happens.  But I know it's because I'm not working hard enough, so hopefully the big changes Scott is making will inspire me to make some changes as well. 

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