Sunday, October 7, 2012

Andrew And His Colts . . .

Andrew is a BIG Colts fan.  We redid his room last year for his birthday, and he wanted a Colts theme.  He doesn't just like the Colts, he LOVES them.  And he watches every game that's on television.  Today was no exception.  But today, he was HYSTERICAL.  If you didn't see the game, you missed a REALLY good game.  Indianapolis was down 21-3 going into the second half.  And they ended up winning 27-30.  Andrew was THRILLED!  He was really funny, so I decided to tape him.  This is after they scored what would be the winning touchdown:
This is after Green Bay missed the Field Goal that would have tied it up and made them go into overtime:
I love the enthusiasm my son has for football and for life in general.  He really is a fun kid.  And I just want him to be happy.  As happy as he was today when Indianapolis won.

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