Thursday, November 25, 2010


This week on Facebook I did a whole week about things I am thankful for. I decided to post them here, in the order I wrote them. I hope you all have a happy, safe and YUMMY Thanksgiving!

Today I am thankful for my hubby and my kids. Even though there are some days that I long for some peace and quiet, my world would not be complete without them.

Today I am thankful for my wonderful parents. They showed me they would always love me and be there for me, no matter what. They taught me respect and forgiveness. They showed ME how to be the best parent I can be. They helped me, be ME. Like it or not! :)

Today I am thankful for my "baby" brother. He always "had my back" when we were growing up, and lucky for me, he still does. He's an amazing Uncle and Godfather to my children. He's one of the best people I know, and I thank God every day that he's a part of my life.

Today I am thankful for "My Angel". Even though she's been gone for 12 years, she's always in my heart. She made me feel special and I never doubted her love for me. She's always been my hero, and she always will be. I love you Grandma. Thanks for EVERYTHING.

Kellie Pickler - My Angel

Today I am thankful for my "besties". U know who u r. Thanks for listening to me, crying with me, laughing with me, and most importantly letting me know you love me. Esp when I was in China and thought you'd forget about me! Whether we've been friends for 27 years, 21 years, or just a few short years, u mean the world to me, and I thank God for you every day!

FRIENDS by Michael W Smith

Today I am thankful for my family. My WHOLE family. I have 15 aunts and uncles, 18 cousins, and too many 2nd cousins to keep track of! I am very lucky to have been a part of such a special family. From summers in Lebanon to Christmas Eve in Mt. Washington "patiently" waiting to open gifts, family has always been a special part of my life, and for that, I am very thankful.

Today I am thankful for Ryan who's my polar opposite, yet he still loves me and puts up with my "idiosyncrasies"; Jason who's growing into an intelligent free thinking tween; Andrew who's smart and funny and always makes me laugh; and Sarah Beth who constantly tries my patience one minute and tells me she loves me the next. Thank you God for giving me such a wonderful family.

Today I am THANKFUL. I am so happy to be home for Thanksgiving this year. I hope you all have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

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Happy Thanksgiving!