Thursday, November 18, 2010

CHINA . . . .

Someone asked me last night if I miss China. Funny thing is, I do. There are parts of it I really miss. I miss going to the wet market every week. I miss having coffee with my neighbor/friend and chatting about our husbands and our kids. I miss going to the Underground to find my "bargains". I miss exploring the city and knowing that we're seeing things we'll never see again, and that most people never get the opportunity to see. I miss my Ayi. I REALLY miss my Ayi! Especially when it comes time to do the laundry and clean the bathrooms!

China was a great experience for all of us, and I'm so glad we did it. Even as hard as it was for me when we first got there and also towards the end when it was almost time to go home. I still don't regret our decision to go. We got to see a part of the world that most people never get to see. We got to experience a new culture. We got to meet new people from all over the world. And somehow, I think that makes us better people. It makes us aware that there are other things out there. It makes realize how lucky we are to live where we live and have the things we have.

So yeah, there are times I really miss China. But I am very thankful for the opportunity that we had to experience life in another country. Most people never get that opportunity, so I consider us very lucky.

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