Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall ~ My FAVORITE Season!

It's officially Fall.  My favorite season.  When we got engaged, I told Ryan I wanted to get married in the Fall because it IS my favorite season.  I love the changing of the leaves.  I love the weather, before it gets too cold.  I love all of the decorations that start showing up in the stores and in the neighborhoods.  There's nothing like going to a forest and seeing all of the beautiful colors in the trees.  Did I mention I LOVE Fall?!

Here are some of my favorite pictures I've taken over the years:

 This was taken about 2 years ago.  There's a place near us where you can go and pick pumpkins.  We went with some friends.  The kids had a really good time.
 This is from when we were living in China.  We visited the Great Wall in the Fall. 
 We had to take a chairlift up the mountain when we were visiting Ocean Park.  
Ryan and Jason were in front of us.
 Coming down the mountain you could either take the chair lift or ride this go cart like thing.  Ryan and the boys rode the go cart. 
 Sarah with her pumpkin she picked out when we went to Huber's.
 The Great Wall.  I think I took more pictures of the scenery than I did of us!
China again.  Look how red those trees are.  BEAUTIFUL!
 The Great Wall
 I love all these colors.
 How can anyone look at this and not see beauty?
 The kids and I at the Great Wall
 Love the panorama view
 More beauty
Long picture of The Great Wall

So those are MY pictures.  What about you?  Is Fall YOUR favorite season?  If not, which one is, and why?  What are some of your favorite pictures of that season?


Trang @ Treadmill Runs said...

Hi there! Found you through the SITS challenge. I also love the fall but usually around early October when it's no longer oppressively hot in Louisiana. We have yet to see the leaves change colors but your photos give me something to look forward to. :)

Cynthia said...

My favorite season too! I also got married in October! Love your pictures!

Amy said...

Love your pictures!