Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sending My Baby Off To Kindergarten . . .

My baby girl started Kindergarten last week.  And she did GREAT!  She couldn't WAIT to get on the bus.  Me, I had a little harder time.  :(  She's my last child.  The only girl.  The last one to start school.  I've had a child with me for 13 years.  So yeah, her starting was hard.  But I'm REALLY glad she did.  She is LOVING it.  She's been around Tully her whole life, so for her to finally be able to go to school there is a lot of fun for her.  I just hope she has a great year.  I think she will.  She has an AMAZING teacher.  

But I still can't believe my baby girl is starting Kindergarten.  I can't believe Jason is in 8th grade.  Man, do I feel old!  After this year I'll have Jason in High School, Andrew in Middle School, and Sarah Beth in Elementary School.  I guess I'll lose whatever sanity I have left! 

So now we're in school mode.  Let's hope we have a great year.  For all of us!

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