Monday, November 30, 2009


I know it's been awhile since I've posted.  And I'm sure you've missed me terribly!  ;-)  Actually, it's probably only Mom and Dad that have noticed, but that's okay too.  Just for the record, we will be home in 18 days, not that I'm counting!  We are actually pulling the kids out of school on their last day.  They only have a half day that day, and lots of people miss in that last week, so we figured we might as well come home a day early.  And I'm all for that!  So we leave about 10 AM on the 18th, Shanghai time, and we land about 2 PM on the 18th Louisville time.  Too bad it'll take us about 16 hours, instead of only 4!

I'm *really* not looking forward to the flight home.  14 hours on a plane with 3 kids, is not my idea of a good time!  Plus, we'll have to pull everything off in Detroit and go through Customs.  With 3 kids.  Then we'll have to put it all back on and board the plane for our flight home.  With 3 kids.  But it'll definitely be worth it.

I can't wait to see everyone when we come home.  I plan on being very busy during those 2 weeks seeing as many people as possible!

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