Thursday, November 5, 2009


Believe it or not, we did find a place to take the kids trick or treating this year.  Of course, it wasn't the same.  If we'd been at home we would have taken the kids around the neighborhood, and then had chili and snacks with our wonderful family and friends.  Of course, that didn't happen.  But that's okay, next year will be even more fun!

Anyway, we took them to a neighborhood very close to school.  They went through a Haunted Garage, and then we took them trick or treating through the neighborhood.  They had a really good time.  They didn't get the same kind of candy that they would have gotten at home, there were a couple of Snickers here and there, but mostly it was Hi Chews and suckers.  But it's better than nothing.

Andrew was a Ben 10 character named Swamp Fire.  We didn't get Jason's costume until that morning, because he couldn't decide what he wanted to be.  He finally decided on a pirate, and then he wore it all night.  He even slept in it!  I guess he was happy with his choice.
Swamp Fire

The Pirate
The Beautiful Butterfly
Swamp Fire and Butterfly
The Pirate and The Butterfly.  Sounds like the name of a romance novel!
She wouldn't exactly pose, so we had to catch her whenever we could.  Since she was with us most of the night and not going door to door very often, there's many more pictures of her.  I was lucky to get the ones of the boys that I did.  They just wanted to go!

Here you can see her wings. 

And here
THIS is what she looked like in less than hour!
She's working hard on that piece of candy!
Not sure what she's laughing at, but she's obviously having a good time!
This is Ryan's favorite day of the year, because well, it's the one day he can go out without people asking him why he's wearing a costume!
Sarah and Daddy

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Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Awww everyone looks so cute and seems like you all had a great time!

Thanks for popping by my place and offering your skillz! I will definately come to you when I need advice! I have been watching HGTV like a madwoman! So far I am packing away all our toys and knick knacks and removing most family photos and stuff.

I have learned these things:

Don't have a lot of personal photos since potential buyers want to picture themselves in the home

Evidence of pets will deter some people

Keep toys in the rooms as this reminds people kids are messy!

haha :)