Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The boys met a new friend today. His name is David and he lives in our building and will be going to Concordia. He's in the 5th grade as well. We met his parents in the lobby a few days ago and found out all about him. Today he came up to visit and the kids played Wii. Now the boys are down there at his place. I'm glad they finally have someone else to play with. I know once school starts they'll meet new people, but right now it's still a week a way, so I'm glad they have someone new to play with for the time being. His parents are very nice as well. It looks like we'll all be walking to school together.

The kids are adjusting so well. I'm really proud of how well they're doing. I knew they'd be okay, but honestly, they're doing even better than I thought they would. They talk a lot about when we go home for Christmas and all the things they're going to do, but they don't get upset about it, they're just looking forward to it. I think it helps that we've been able to talk to Mom and Dad a lot and we've also talked to Jack a few times, so they have a connection at home. Now if only I could start doing as good as they are!

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