Monday, July 23, 2012

Ryan's New Job . . .

Things have been crazy busy around here.  First, the kids are on summer break, so there's that.  Then, on top of all that, Ryan decided to switch companies.  He's been with the same company for NINETEEN YEARS!  NINETEEN YEARS!  Technically he's been there a little longer because he interned with them during college, and then when he graduated they offered him a full-time job.  He started out at the very bottom, and worked his way up to Vice President of the company and General Manager of the Louisville Office. 

But about 4 years ago, the small company was bought out by a larger publicly traded company, and things have been a little hectic since then.  So when his former boss decided to open a new company doing the same thing, and asked him to be involved on the ground floor, he couldn't pass up the opportunity.  While he'd been with the same company for so long, and probably would have retired there, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and if he didn't take it, he'd always wonder WHAT IF?  So, after months of discussion between the 2 of us, never really knowing what the right thing to do was until the very last minute, he finally decided to take the plunge.  

You can read about the new company, and his information HERE.

While it'll mean a lot more travel and probably more time away from us, at least in the first couple of years, the potential for success is great.  I'm very proud of him for taking the plunge.  It wasn't an easy decision, but I do think it was the right one.  

So please keep him and his new company in your thoughts and prayers.  We can all use them!  :)


Amy said...

Congrats to Ryan on the new job! Sounds like a great opportunity!

Dawn said...

Always tough to step out and try something new. Good luck!

Yolanda said...

Congrats!Remember You only regret what you never tried.