Monday, July 23, 2012

Mom . . .

This last week has been CRA-ZEEE!  My mom went into the hospital on Wednesday night.  She thought she was having another heart attack. (Her last one was 13 years ago, 2 weeks after Jason was born).  My dad took her to the ER and they said it didn't look like she had a heart attack, but she did have a lot of other issues, so they decided to admit her.  She had multi-focal pneumonia in 3 places, gall stones, kidney stones, gastritis, something with her esophagus, and something with her bladder.  So needless to say, there were A LOT of issues.  They started treating everything and on Thursday they told us that there was still a chance it could be the heart, so until they ruled it out completely, they were treating it as if it was heart related, since that was the most severe.  In other words, they were giving her the same medicines they would give her if it WAS her heart.  They scheduled a heart catheter for the next day to rule it out.  If the heart cath came back clean, then they would proceed with the GI issues, and she would most likely have to have her gallbladder taken out.  (Evidently gallbladder attacks and heart attacks both present the same way.  Who knew)?  

Thursday night she started having more chest pains so they moved her to the Coronary Care Unit because they thought she WAS having a heart attack.  We spent ALL DAY Friday at the hospital with her waiting for the tests to be done.  The heart cath came back clean, YEA, so there was no damage to the heart.  But the EKG showed that she DID have a heart attack, it just didn't do any damage to her heart.  So now the next step is to let the pneumonia clear up and the incision from the heart cath heal, and then they'll probably have to remove her gallbladder, which I'm told is a pretty easy surgery, as far as surgeries go.  But they won't schedule that for at least a couple of weeks because they're waiting on everything else to heal.  In the meantime, she got to go home on Saturday, which she was THRILLED about, so now she'll get to play Bridge this week!  :)

But of course, because this is ME we're talking about, that's NOT the end of the story!  After we got the okay on the heart cath Dad and I decided to leave the hospital to go grab some lunch because here it was 2pm, and we'd been there all day waiting for the test results, without eating anything.  On our way out of the hospital, still on her floor mind you, we were walking with her nurse from her PREVIOUS floor, when all of a sudden I was face down on the floor.  My Dad said he heard me hit the floor.  I busted my knee and twisted my leg.  They called security to write everything down, and they asked me if I wanted to go to the ER.  I told them no that I would probably feel better if I could just walk it off.  Only that didn't work.  I was actually feeling worse, so I decided to head down to the ER and have everything checked out.  Luckily there were no broken bones, just a broken ego, but I pulled muscles I didn't even know I had!  :)  The doctor gave me some pain pills and some ibuprofen for the inflammation, and told me to call my family doc if I wasn't feeling better within 5 days.  I'm happy to report I AM feeling better, although my leg does still hurt a little. But of course, I'm the only person I know that can be visiting some one at the hospital, and wind up in the ER.  :(

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