Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Last week the Chinese celebrated Tomb Sweeping Day. The Chinese name "Qing Ming" means Clear Brightness. Tomb Sweeping Day celebrates the rebirth of nature and marks the beginning of the planting season and other outdoor activities.

In ancient times Qing Ming Jie was celebrated with dancing, singing, picnics and kite flying. Colored boiled eggs were broken to symbolize the opening of life. In the capital, the Emperor would plant trees on the palace grounds to celebrate the renewing nature of spring, while in the villages, young men and women would court each other.

Throughout the years this celebration of life became a day to honor past ancestors. The Chinese believed the spirits of dead ancestors looked after the family. Today, the Chinese visit their family graves to clean them up, pull any weeds and sweep away dirt.

The businesses and schools are closed that day. This year it was on April 5th, which was the day after Easter, so the kids had a long weekend. They might not know what Tomb Sweeping is, but they know what it is to have a day off!

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Amy said...

What a great idea though to honor our ancestors!