Sunday, February 28, 2010

JACK . . .

Jack, Ryan's Grandfather, came to China and spent 12 days with us.  It was supposed to be 13, but the stupid weather interfered, so we lost a day.  But we all had a GREAT time while he was here.  And I hope he did too.  I think he did.  The kids were out of school and Ryan's office was closed that first week for Chinese New Year, which is why we wanted him to come then, so he would be able to spend more time with everyone.  

Ryan and the boys took him bowling.  We all took him to the World Financial Tower, YuYuan, Wild Animal Park, Hot Pot, and out for Chinese food.  I took him to the Underground which is the Fake Market in Pudong.  I also took him to the Wet Market.  That's where I do my shopping for fruits, vegggies, and some meats.  It's one of those things you have to see to believe.  I also took him to Carrefour which is our supermarket.  Again, you have to see it to believe it.  

All in all, it was a great few days, eventhough we all thought it was too short.  The day before he left, Andrew said, "I wish Grandpa was staying 3 weeks like Poppy and Nanny, then he wouldn't have to leave tomorrow."  Now, coming from Andrew, that's A BIG DEAL!  He's not exactly my sentimental one.

Oh well, we're so glad he came, even if he couldn't stay as long as we wanted him too.  I'm sure he was VERY ready to get back home.  When you're used to living by yourself and then you move in with a psychotic family of 5, I'm sure it's hard to keep your sanity.  We obviously don't have that problem, because well, we lost ours many, many years ago!

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i am so stoopid. i read the first line and thought it said JAKE RYAN and i was like - oh em gee, she knows someone with the same name as the guy from 16 candles.

like i said --- stoopid