Thursday, February 25, 2010

YUYUAN . . . .

Yuyuan Garden is located in the center of the Old City and it is considered one of the most lavish and finest Chinese Gardens in the region.

We took Jack there his first weekend here.  Even though it was cold, it is still very pretty.  And there are people EVERYWHERE!
This is a picture Jack took in the car on the way to the Garden.
 This was taken by the entrance.
 This is the street called Fashion Street.
This is where we used the bathroom! 
The detail work on the buildings is amazing!
Not sure what this is, but it's another example of the details that you see as you walk along Yuyuan.

This is the Year of the Tiger.
The Tiger is in the middle of the Yuyuan Square.
More Details
Not sure what this is, or what it's made of, but it's pretty cool looking.
My little Angel!
Isn't she a cutie?!
This building has the little blue man and some tigers.  By the way, the little blue man actually does have a name, I just don't know what it is!  I'll find out though.
More tigers.


The Red Lanterns are part of the Chinese New Year Celebration.  This year February 14th was Chinese New Year.  Fourteen days after the New Year is the Celebration of the Lanterns.  I don't know what that entails.  I guess we'll find out on the 28th!
There is a pond in the middle of Yuyuan.  There is also a famous bridge that goes over the pond.  These statues are in the pond.
Another "float" in the pond.



The pictures don't do the statues justice.

Don't we all look so happy?!


This is the Jade Rock.  It is supposed to be very famous.


Amy said...

Thank you for sharing your pictures with us. I love to see them!

Michelle said...

Sometimes I wonder if they're too boring. I'm glad you like them. I have plenty more to share! Between the 2 of us, we took about 400 pictures while he was here. Can you believe it?!?! Crazy American Tourists!