Monday, April 29, 2013

A Young Tragedy . . .

So I talked about having a bad week.  Another thing that happened that week is that a young girl from Jason's school committed suicide. She got in a fight with her mom, after her mom told her no, and while her mom was picking up her brother from school, she got her stepfather's gun and shot herself.  Thirteen years old.  I didn't even know the girl, and neither did Jason, but I cried for days.  I guess because I'm a mom.  Because I have a 13 year old.  Because I have 2 other younger children.  Because the thought of losing a child, especially by her own hand, just makes absolutely no sense to me.  I can't even BEGIN to imagine the pain that mother must be going through.  So sad.  So heartbreaking.  So tragic.  

I was, however, VERY impressed with how the school handled the situation.  They opened the school the day after.  They had teachers there on Saturday trying to figure out how to handle the situation when the students came to school on Monday.  They had counselors from all over the District in the school for DAYS, so they could help the students with whatever they needed.  The teachers, staff, and Principal all went to the funeral home and funeral.  Yes, I was impressed with how they handled the situation.  

Unfortunately, it's not over yet.  I'm sure there will still be some issues related to her death.  I'm sure Graduation will be tough for everyone.  And I pray for the students, faculty and staff, as they continue to deal with this unbelievable tragedy. 

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