Friday, June 24, 2011


Tomorrow is our neighborhood yard sale.  And I've been pulling junk out of the woodwork.  We have A LOT of junk.  There are 5 of us, so needless to say, we've collected a lot over the years.  And now we're trying to get rid of a lot of it.  I hope it sells.  Or at least some of it.  We're going to Kings Island next week for vacation, so we could use the extra money to spend while we're there.  Not to mention, I REALLY just want to get rid of this stuff.  I've already decided that whatever doesn't sell is going to Goodwill.  IT IS NOT COMING BACK IN MY HOUSE!!!

It's funny that some things seem so important when we buy them, but then for some reason we never use them.  Or we outgrow them.  Or we find something more useful.  Even after tomorrow, we'll still have a lot of stuff that we need to get rid of, but at least we're getting rid of some stuff now.  And the rest of the stuff?  Well, that'll be for NEXT year's yard sale!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Something happened here last week that's really been bothering me.  And it's stirred up strong emotions on both sides of the subject.  

First, a little background.  One night last week, some young kids were playing Ding, Dong, Ditch.  If you're not familiar with that game, it's where a bunch of kids run up to a doorbell, ring it, and then run away.  I've had the prank played on me, and I'm sure we played it as kids.  I'm also pretty sure my kids have either played it or WILL play it!  

Here's the problem.  As I said, one day last week some kids were playing it in their neighborhood.  On their way up to one of the houses, they saw a man standing on his front porch with a shot gun, so they ran away.  While they were running, he fired at them and hit one of the boys.  He is 12 years old.  And he's been in the hospital ever since.  And he will have major issues for the rest of his life.  Now, I'm not saying what the kids did was right or wrong, but what that man did was ABSOLUTELY WRONG!  In what universe is it okay to aim a gun at a child; especially one that is running away from you?

There has been a lot of talk here about the kids doing something wrong and where were the parents.  And I get all that.  I'm not saying the kids are perfect.  But seriously?  Ding Dong Ditch makes it okay to aim a gun at a child?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!   Kids will be kids.  And they make stupid mistakes.  We all did when we were kids.  And I know my kids will too.  But don't EVER aim a gun at them.  If you have a problem with my children - call me.  Come see me.  But if you EVER aim a gun at MY child, don't be surprised to find me knocking on your door with my posse ready to kick some tail!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful Father's out there.  Of course my two favorites are my Dad and the Father of my children.  Without the 2 of them, my life would be totally different.  

My dad taught me to be a good person.  He taught me to laugh at the things I can't change.  He taught me to see the good in people, even when it's not always right in front of me.  He taught me to enjoy the little things in life.  He worked hard to give us all the things he thought were important in life.  He always loved us, nurtured us, and respected us.  He taught me how to be a good parent.  And for that, I'm very thankful.

My husband, and the father of my children, is an AMAZING father.  He's always been a good father.  My kids are so lucky to have him.  He hasn't always been the best husband, (he is still a man after all ;) ), but he's ALWAYS been a good father.  He spends time with the kids, he talks to them, he teaches them, he respects them, and he loves them.  Because of him, I believe my boys will grow up to be great father's, and my daughter will know that she deserves someone that will respect her and will be a good father to HER children.


Friday, June 3, 2011


I had a closing this morning.  Yea me!  But in the midst of getting ready for the closing, I earned that infamous title.

I was upstairs getting ready and the boys were downstairs playing Playstation.  When I came downstairs I asked them where Sarah was and they told me she was upstairs.  But I had just come from up there, and she wasn't there.  We searched the whole house and we couldn't find her.  Then panic mode set in.  I ran outside looking for her.  I saw one of my neighbors, but she hadn't seen her.  Then I walked across the street to another neighbor's and she was inside playing with the little girl that lives there.  They thought I knew she was there.  Which of course, I didn't!  She just walked right out the front door and right across the street to Hailey's.  Needless to say, I've felt like a bad mom all day long.  When I think of what could have happened, the thought just terrifies me. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I read a post earlier today that got me to thinking.  I know, scary right?! 

Kim over at The Child caught my attention this morning. 

I haven't been writing much lately.  It's not because I don't have anything to say, because for those of you that know me, you know I ALWAYS have something to say!  But I haven't been writing much because I feel like my opinions or feelings may upset someone.  There are a lot of things I'd like to write about and get them off my chest, but I'm always worrying about other people will think.  It seems like I spend my whole life worrying about other people think.  And it's so *frustrating*.  So starting today, I'm going to write WHAT I want, WHEN I want, and try not to worry so much about what others are thinking.  So if I upset you or offend you, I'm sorry.  But remember, these are MY feelings and opinions.  Not anyone else's.  And I don't expect everyone to agree with me.

So here goes:

I have 3 beautiful children.  And I love them dearly.  But I think you can tell when people DON'T have kids.  Let me give you an example.  My cousin's little boy called 911 when he was about 5 years old.  Now her son is the same age as my Andrew, so this was about 4 years ago.  As she's telling me the story of what happened, and how her husband reacted, I started laughing.  I mean, REALLY laughing!  Then I told her, 'I'm sorry, I know it's not funny."  To which she replied that it was okay, now that it's over, she was laughing too.  I was picturing her husband talking to the cops, and it just cracked me up; especially because I know her husband and I know her child and I could TOTALLY picture the situation as it was happening.

So a few days later I was relaying the story to some other friends.  And one of them got really upset, yelled at me, and said, "I don't think it's funny at all."  Now, before you think I'm some crazy person that laughs at everything, let me explain.  No, it wasn't funny when it happened.  But I wasn't there when it happened.  I was told about it afterward.  And he DID get punished.  But, like I said before, I think you can tell the difference between people that HAVE kids, and people that have NEVER had kids.  As a parent, when I heard that story, my first thought was, "thank goodness that was not my child."  But before I could even finish that though,  I knew that it very well could have been. So yeah, to me it was funny. 

Before I had kids I was one of those people that said, "my child will never do that!"  Then I had them.  And guess what?  They did!  So when they were younger I'd say, "well he'll never do that when he gets older."  But guess what?  He did.  Now, I just pretty much assume that what's going to happen is going to happen, and the only thing I can affect is MY reaction and make sure they understand why what they did was wrong.  But anyone that has kids knows that sh*t happens.  It is what it is.  And you can't change that.  

Even as adults we don't always make wise decisions.  And we're adults.  So how can we expect OUR kids, or anyone else's, to make wise decisions all the time?  We can't.  It's not fair.  So before you judge MY kids or someone else's kids, think about this.  Have YOU never messed up before in your life?  Have you never done anything wrong?  If so, then by all means, you have the right to judge me and my kids.  But if not, please keep your judgement to yourself.