Tuesday, October 19, 2010

SCHOOL . . .

I haven't posted much since I've been home. I guess because we've been home and we're getting back to our lives. Everyone seems to be adjusting pretty well. The boys are doing really well in school. Jason had 4 A's and 2 B's on his first report card. Andrew doesn't get grades, he gets S's and O's. He got mostly O's and a few S's. But his teacher said he's reading at a 6th grade 8 month level. She's keep telling me he's a "genius"! Of course, that's REALLY hard for me to hear! ;-)

Sarah is in preschool this year, and she LOVES it. She only goes 3 days a week, and every day when she wakes up she asks me if she has school today. On the days she doesn't have it, she gets a little bit upset. She adores her teacher, Ms. Mary Beth. Ms. Mary Beth is very good with all of the kids, and Sarah really likes her. We definitely couldn't have asked for a better teacher to get her started in school. Now, if only ALL of her teachers can be as good, then we should be set!